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4 x 2mm slots

Channel Length



  • Perfect for Patios, Gardens, Decking, Pool Areas, Pedestrian Areas
  • Manufactured from tough, long-lasting, noncorrosive PVC, this unique 'mini-profile' drainage system eliminated the need for deep excavations and digging of trenches. Keeping installation as simple as possible.

    Slim 2mm slots allow for a stylish finish whilst allowing for sufficient drainage.

    Perfect for pools, decking, patios & garden / outdoor areas.


    *Disclaimer – Please be aware that our Corten Steel grating top develops a unique rustic appearance once exposed to rainwater. This transformation, known as Patina is caused by a layer of oxidation that forms on the surface and protect the metal from further corrosion. During this transformation process, the rainwater may also adapt a rusty brown colour which can cause stains when it comes into contact with other surfaces*

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    Threshold Luxe Accessories

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