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Load Classes

Up to C250

Channel Width


Depth Options

100mm / 150mm

PaveSlot Options


Standard Gratings



  • Perfect for Retail Parks, & All Areas with high pedestrian
  • Features

    System Features

    The SF 200 Paveslot is available in 2 different depths and can withstand the most tough and extreme weather conditions. Whilst also constantly removing vast amounts of water both safely and efficiently.

    Discreet Gratings

    Coming with a 10mm Slotted Paveslot Grating, allows for the Self 200 Paveslot to pass Tread safe regulations. As well as being a discrete method of slot drainage, ideal when you desire an aesthetic look to a project.

    Self 200 Paveslot Options

    Offset Galvanised or Stainless Steel Paveslot

    Galvanised or Stainless Steel Offset Paveslot

    Upstand: 60mm

    Self 200 Accessories

    Self 100 Sump Unit

    Sump Unit

    Any Grating

    Self 100 End Cap Outlet

    End Cap Outlet

    110mm Outlet

    Self 100 End Cap

    End Cap

    KE Paveslot Access Tray

    Access Tray

    122mm wide

    160mm Tube

    Outlet Pipe

    110mm / 160mm

    Dimensions & Diagrams

    Height (H1)
    Internal Depth (D1)
    Self 200 Paveslot Diagram