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  • Perfect for Gardens, Patios, Driveways & other pedestrian areas.
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    The Self-100 Pro SMC is made from a material that is new to the Polycon Urban Range. SMC makes a highly robust mould that guarantees high-quality and provides an innovative system that delivers effective results.

    Bolt & Bar Locking System

    The B125 Ductile Iron grating is a safeheel, E- coated grating that is compatible with both The Self-100 Pro Polymer and the Self 100 Pro SMC. The bolt & bar locking system is assembled on site and when installed provides security, stability and prevents rattling when the system is in use.

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    Self 100 Pro SMC Grating Options

    Self 100 Slotted Steel Grating

    Galvanised Slotted Grating


    Self 100 Slotted healguard Steel Grating

    Galvanised SafeHeel Slotted Grating


    KTL Frosted Ductile Iron 8mm Slotted Grating


    Self 100 Paveslot Channel

    Galvanised/Stainless Steel Offset Paveslot 100

    Upstand: 60mm

    Self 100 Pro SMC Accessories

    Self 100 Sump Unit

    Sump Unit

    Any Grating

    Self 100 End Cap Outlet

    End Cap Outlet

    110mm Outlet

    Self 100 End Cap

    End Cap

    110mm Spigot

    110mm / 160mm

    Dimensions & Diagrams

    Height (H1)
    Internal Depth (D1)