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Up To F900

Channel Width


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Ductile Iron


  • Perfect for Driveways, Car Parks, Farms and Commercial & Civil Areas.
  • Galvanised Steel Reinforced Edge Rail

    The R Series 315 has integrated Galvanised Steel Edge Rails to enhance the strength of the channel. The ductile iron grating that is secured to the channel has four relief notches along it’s lower section which slots into the relative housing on the protective edge rail of the channel to prevent longitudinal movement.

    Ductile Iron Slotted Grating F900

    R Series 295 Grating

    Ductile Iron Grating. Slotted. F900. 319mm wide. 12mm Slots

    R Series 315 Accessories

    R Series 265 Sump Unit

    R Series 315 Sump Unit

    R Series 210 Basket

    R Series 315 Stainless Steel Filter

    Dimensions & Diagrams

    Internal Depth
    R Series 315 Diagram