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Soft Edge Block (White)

Soft edging for Long Jump Pits and Demarcation between areas.

  • material
    EPDM rubber, Polymer Concrete
  • width
    5.0 / 6.0 / 10.0cm
  • length

Soft Edge Blocks in White for playing fields and jumping pits

Made from Polymer Concrete & EPDM rubber profile in black or white.  Particularly suitable for edging of running tracks, demarcation of playing fields, and for edging of jumping pits or throwing pits.


The rubber profile is cast in Polymer Concrete and offers maximum active safety thanks to the elasticity of the material and the rounded edges. Widths of 5 cm for running track boundaries, over 6 cm for jumping pits and beach volleyball courts, up to 10 cm for shot put facilities and installation heights from 20 to 40 cm offer a variety of individual construction and design options.