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Highway Range

The monolithic channels in this range are the perfect solution for highway drainage. The monolithic structure has the advantage of no adhesive joints and therefore makes it an extremely sturdy channel that can withstand heavy a traffic flow up to F900.

Industrial Range

With 3 material options available, the Industrial range comes with an extensive range of grating choices suitable for E600 to F900. The heavy duty channels in this range are suitable for a range of applications including ports and airports.

Commercial Range

The Commercial Range comes in the 3 materials: polymer concrete, HDPE and GRC with a range of gratings for loadings of C250 to E600. The range suits applications such as retail parks, car parks and petrol forecourts, highways and distribution centres.

Urban Range

Polycon’s Urban Range is perfect for any domestic application such as driveways and gardens. Channels are available in polymer concrete, HDPE and GRC with a variety of gratings for loadings of A15 to C250.

Sports Range

Drainage of arenas, delimiting of tracks and edging of shot enclosures and jump pits complete the Polycon Sport product range.

Numerous national and international sporting facilities are already equipped with Polycon Sport construction elements and communicate the experience that designers, dealers and contractors can build on.


All Polycon Sport construction elements comply with the requirements of the IAAF, International Amateur Athletic Federation, for the construction of tracks and playing fields. The requirements according to the IAAF Manual, chapter 3, Construction of the Track and Playing Field Section 3.5.3 Surface Drainage Requirements and Construction are adhered to by the products.

Slot Drainage Range

The Slot Drainage range offers a strong and discrete drainage solution suitable for loadings A15-F900 with HDPE and GRC options available