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Manufactured from 100% recycled material, diverted from landfills. The Lite grid is the environment and sustainable choice, preventing ground erosions. The honeycomb design and tiles, provides an interlocking system that can be laid at ground level. This can then either be filler with stone, gravel or can be sealed.


  • General purpose domestic parking filling with gravel or grass filling; parking areas on airstrips; banks and ditches; paddocks and farms; high wear gateways; green roofs.

  • features

    • Surface reinforcement with natural drainage
    • High chemical & mechanical resistance
    • Manufactured from recycled plastic
    • Weatherproof and environmentally friendly
    • Prevents gravel migration
    • Quick and easy to install
    • Dimensionally stable
    • Non-slip and crack proof
    • Reduced on site costs
    • High strength (up to 250/m2)
    Lite Grid Image

    grid area 455mm x 525mm x 40mm

    wall thickness:
    wall depth:
    weight per tile:
    weight per pallet:
    number of tiles per m2:
    m2 per pallet:
    load capacity:
    Up to 350 Tonnes per M²
    axle weight:
    Up to 16 Tonne
    100% Recycled UV Stable Polyolefin
    temperature stability:
    -50°C to 90°C
    chemical resistance:
    Sodium Chloride (RockSalt), Ammonia, Acid Rain, Petroleum Products, Hydrocarbons.