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Welcome Will!

Get to know Will...

We would like to give a huge welcome to our new Graphic Designer Will. Will has been with us for a few months now so we decided to sit down and ask him a few questions about his new role here at Polycon.

What is your role here at Polycon and what are you enjoying the most about it? 

My role here at Polycon is graphic designer. I am enjoying putting my skills into practice for an industry I haven’t worked in before. Coming up with new ways to advertise products and fitting it in with the company’s branding is a fun challenge.


What is the best thing about Polycon so far?

The freedom to let me express my skills in my own way for every task. Everyone is supportive of each other’s ideas and there’s a real team environment in the office.


What is one thing about your new role that reflects you as a person?

I have been obsessed with art since I was a kid and my role as a graphic designer lets me express my creative side.


What is one thing you are looking forward to about your role here at Polycon?

I look forward to continuing work with all the different departments and expanding my network. There are always new products to advertise and projects to be involved with and I look to the new opportunities.


What are you excited to achieve here at Polycon in the future?

Not only does this role at Polycon allow me to express my skills but it also allows me to further them, learning new ways to create high level work. This is great as I am always looking to improve, and I want to become a highly trained graphic designer.