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Welcome Bethan!

Get to know Bethan...

We recently welcomed Bethan to our team as a new sales advisor and we are really excited to have her with us!

Get to know Bethan in a small interview!

What is your role here at Polycon and what are you enjoying the most about it? 

My role at Polycon is a sales advisor which I really enjoy. The thing I like most about it at the minute would have to be the learning. It’s a completely different industry to what I have worked in before and I find it really interesting learning about the work that goes into creating the systems underground which I would never have really investigated if it wasn’t for starting here. I feel like I am learning lots of new skills for my future here and building them up each day.


What is the best thing about Polycon so far?

The best thing at the minute is the people. They have made me so welcome within my first month at Polycon. Everyone is so lovely and its such a positive place to work.


What is one thing about your new role that reflects you as a person?

I like the pace of the job as it is always busy, and I tend to learn things faster when I am doing the job itself. I love learning new skills and becoming independent within my role.


What is one thing you are looking forward to about your role here at Polycon?

I am looking forward to the opportunities I will face in future years here and gaining the confidence I need to put myself within my role. I feel like I am grasping the manufacturing side of Polycon and feel fortunate that I get to learn through the people around me day to day in a ‘real-life’ setting.

What are you excited to achieve here at Polycon in the future?

I am really looking forward to making new connections and again the opportunities that Polycon offer especially within the development of my role. I am also excited to meet new people and learn even more about the industry I am now a part of!