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Summer Celebrations for our Quarterly Winners

Join in the celebrations of our quarterly employee and department winners for as the summer season draws to a close...

Celebrating Our Quarterly Champions: Kev Wins Employee of the Quarter, The Yard Takes Department of the Quarter!

Here at Polycon, we love to celebrate exceptional talent within our Polycon family. In a change of pace, we’re thrilled to announce our new “Employee of the Quarter” and “Department of the Quarter” awards. This quarter, we’re shining the spotlight on Kev and The Yard for their outstanding contributions.

A Standing Ovation for Kev – Our Employee of the Quarter!

After months of hard work and dedication, Kev is our well-deserved winner as our Employee of the Quarter! Kev’s fantastic performance has earned him this title for the summer quarter.  His colleagues have been quick on commending his can-do attitude and incredible work ethic. He is always trying to solve problems in all departments and keeps everything organised and running smoothly. Well done, Kev!

A Round of Applause for The Yard – Our Department of the Quarter!

But that’s not all—let’s hear it for The Yard, our Department of the Quarter for the summer season! Their collective efforts and dedication have truly shone, demonstrating exceptional teamwork and outstanding performance. Well done, Yard Team! 🏆

We all want to thank Kev and the Yard Team for their remarkable contributions to Polycon. You make us proud every day, and we’re so glad to have you as parts of our team. 🙌