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The Self 100 Pro Range Has Arrived!

Polycon launches a new range perfect for Urban applications -The Self 100 Pro Range.


Polycon is proud to announce the launch of two new products as part of the Self-100 Pro range.

As a new addition to the Urban range, this linear B125 channel is making its mark with many beneficial features. The Self-100 Pro Polymer and Self-100 Pro SMC are two separate products made from high-strength and quality first materials.

The Self-100 Pro SMC is made from a material that is new to the Polycon Urban Range. SMC makes a highly robust mould that guarantees high-quality and provides an innovative system that delivers effective results.

The Self-100 Pro Polymer is made from a traditional polymer concrete material which has paved the way for countless products and their successes. As a B125 linear channel, this polymer mould is the first one to introduce a bolt & bar locking system with ductile iron safeheel grating.

The B125 ductile iron grating is a safeheel, E- coated grating that is compatible with both The Self-100 Pro Polymer and the Self 100 Pro SMC.  The bolt & bar locking system is assembled at our distribution centre and when installed provides security, stability and prevents rattling when the system is in use.

Additionally, there are four snap lock gratings available for both linear channels. There is a galvanised/ stainless steel grating with an option of a 10mm standard slot or 6mm safeheel slot and a galvanised/ stainless steel paveslot grating. A key benefit of these gratings is that they all provide an anti-slip surface.

All of the gratings within the Self 100 Pro range effectively enhance the space around them and create an aesthetic finish whilst providing a fitting look for their surroundings. This makes it perfect for Urban areas such as: schools, car parks, and many other public places.

In regard to specifics when considering these one metre channels, they have equal heights and can be joined in any direction. Their vertically aligned grooves and tongues support a secure and easy use connection during the installation process.

Here at Polycon, we are excited to introduce the Self 100 PRO range to your urban and domestic projects.

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