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Elf on the SELF!

You've heard of Elf on the shelf... Introducing Elf on the Self! 🎅 Look who we found this morning prancing through pallets of our self 100 channel!

Get to know our Self 100 channel.

Kelvin the elf knows quality when he see’s it!
The Self 100 is a high-performance channel made from Polymer concrete. Self-100 is the perfect development of channel drainage and would be used for any urban applications.

Here are 5 quick fire facts that you need to know about the Self 100 channel: 


  • It is the smallest of our self channels making it thee perfect product for where accessibility is vital.
  • The polymer concrete used in this range has great resistance to temperature changes and a smooth waterproof surface making it ideal for all types of urban and domestic applications.
  • The Self 100Eco has overall heights of 60mm , 80mm and 100mm
  • A full range of gratings and accessories are available for the Self 100 channel.
  • The self 100 channel withstand up to B125 loading.

Need to know more?

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