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Case Study

Lite Grid Case Study: The Friends of The Farsley Rehoboth

Products Used: Lite Grid - Ground Reinforcement


Polycon Surface Water Drainage recently supplied 24 metres of Lite Grid via Gibbs & Dandy in Pudsey, as a drainage solution for the restoration of ‘The Friends of The Farsley Rehoboth Burial Ground’ in Farsley, Leeds.

The Friends of Farsley Rehoboth purchased this long-neglected graveyard due to the previous owner’s going bankrupt. ‘The Friends of Farsley Rehoboth charity’ decided to develop this historical place and restore it to its natural beauty. Thanks to them, not only can family and friends finally visit relatives’ graves, but it allows for the community to remember those that fallen in both World Wars as it’s an official Commonwealth War Grave site that dates back 250 years.

Due to the size of this project, The Friends of Farsley Rehoboth split the restoration into two phases.

Phase 1

Phase One of the project was to complete the path network at the top half of the cemetery which was fully funded by ‘David Attenborough’s Wild Isles Trust’. This was completed in Autumn 2023. Different Walkways were mapped out using Polycon’s Lite Grid. This allowed for ground stabilisations and created a sturdier walkway ultimately allowing the public to access individual graves and pay their respects to the 4,000 local people buried.

Phase 2

Phase Two, the bottom section of the cemetery, was completed more recently in May 2024 and was fully funded by Leeds Community Fund as well as a generous donation from Coca-Cola. This donation was used by ‘The Friends of Farsley Rehoboth’ to purchase Polycon’s Lite Grid. They used the Lite Grid to create six vertical walkways that connects to one 45m horizontal pathway. These walkways were built 1050mm wide with accessibility in mind by connecting two light grids horizontally.

By completing this project, the Farsley Rehoboth has allowed one 97-year-old lady to visit her father’s grave for the first time since 1941.


We spoke to the Managing Director at Polycon who said, “We are proud to have been even the slightest part of this project and are happy our Lite Grid has been used for something that has made such a change for the people within the local community by allowing them to visit special family members for the first time in over 80 years.”

To find out more about The Friends of The Farsley Rehoboth restoration and to see their amazing work click here. For more information on Polycon’s Lite Grid contact us today on 0151 422 9747.